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Datasheet ASML-5829-TR1G - Avago Technologies Даташит Диод, PIN, LIMITER LP, SOT-323

Avago Technologies ASML-5829-TR1G

Наименование модели: ASML-5829-TR1G

Производитель: Avago Technologies

Описание: Диод, PIN, LIMITER LP, SOT-323

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Краткое содержание документа:
Schottky Assisted Low Power PIN Diode Limiter
Data Sheet
The ASML-5829 is specifically designed for low power limiter applications, where it can be used to protect the receiver system from being damaged by large input signals, and allow the receiver system to function normally with the absence of large signal. The Schottky enhanced limiter will have a lower limiting threshold compared to the more conventional self-biased PIN limiter. The PIN diode is placed at the input, to protect the Schottky from high RF power levels.


  • Diode Type: RF Pin
  • Capacitance Cd Max @ Vr F: 0.375 пФ
  • Resistance @ If: 4 Ом
  • Forward Current If(AV): 1 А
  • Тип корпуса: SOT-323
  • Количество выводов: 3
  • SVHC: No SVHC (15-Dec-2010)

RoHS: есть

Дополнительные аксессуары:

  • Weller - 0051383199

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