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Datasheet SM12T1G - ON Semiconductor Даташит TVS диод ARRAY, 300 Вт, 12 В, SOT-23

ON Semiconductor SM12T1G

Наименование модели: SM12T1G

Производитель: ON Semiconductor

Описание: TVS диод ARRAY, 300 Вт, 12 В, SOT-23

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Краткое содержание документа:
SM05T1 Series
Preferred Device
Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode Array
SOT-23 Dual Common Anode Zeners for ESD Protection
These dual monolithic silicon zener diodes are designed for applications requiring transient overvoltage protection capability. They are intended for use in voltage and ESD sensitive equipment such as computers, printers, business machines, communication systems, medical equipment and other applications. Their dual junction common anode design protects two separate lines using only one package. These devices are ideal for situations where board space is at a premium.


  • Рассеиваемая мощность: 225 мВт
  • Тип корпуса: SOT-23
  • Количество выводов: 3
  • Clamping Voltage Vc Max: 19 В
  • Reverse Stand-Off Voltage Vrwm: 12 В
  • Способ монтажа: SMD
  • Breakdown Voltage Vbr: 14.5 В

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