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Datasheet STEVAL-CCA021V1 - STMicroelectronics Даташит BOARD & REF DESIGN

Наименование модели: STEVAL-CCA021V1

Производитель: STMicroelectronics


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Краткое содержание документа:
USB audio demonstration board based on the STM32F103RE and TS4657
Data brief
STM32F103RE performance line microcontroller 16 MHz crystal unit USB connector and ESD protection Two LEDs driven by the microcontroller Push button to control the firmware mode TS4657 - single supply stereo digital audio line driver with 2.2 VRMS capless outputs: ­ 16- to 24-bit audio data format stereo DAC, 32 to 48 kHz sample rate ­ I2S, right or left-justified compatible digital audio interface TS2012 - filter-free stereo 2x2.8 W class D audio power amplifier TS4962 - 2.8 W filter-free mono class D audio power amplifier ­ Output available either through mono jack connector or to on-board speaker TS472 - very low noise microphone preamplifier with 2.0 V bias output and active low standby mode ­ Single-ended output available for connection to ADC of a microcontroller On-board microphone and small speaker RoHS compliant

На английском языке: Datasheet STEVAL-CCA021V1 - STMicroelectronics BOARD & REF DESIGN

    Средство разработки - Тип: отладочный набор, Производитель серий: ST, Серии: STM32F103, TS4657, Примечание: USB audio demonstration board based on the STM32F103RE...
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