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Datasheet EV200A1ANA - TE Connectivity Даташит Контактор, SPST-NO, 36 В постоянный ток, 500 А, FLANGE

TE Connectivity EV200A1ANA

Наименование модели: EV200A1ANA

Производитель: TE Connectivity

Описание: Контактор, SPST-NO, 36 В постоянный ток, 500 А, FLANGE

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Краткое содержание документа:
KILOVAC EV200 Series Contactor With 1 Form X Contacts Rated 500+ Amps, 12-900VDC
Product Facts
I Designed to be the smallest, lightest weight, lowest cost sealed contactor in the industry with its current rating (500+A carry, 2000A interrupt at 320VDC). I Built-in coil economizer ­ only 1.7W hold power @ 12VDC and it limits back EMF to 0V. Models requiring extenal economizer also available. I Optional auxiliary contact for easy monitoring of power contact position. I Hermetically sealed ­ intrinsically safe, operates in explosive/harsh environments with no oxidation or contamination of coils or contacts, including long periods of nonoperation. I Versatile coil/power connections. I CE marked for EC applications. I AIAG QS9000 designed, built and approved
EV200 Series Contactor (CZONKA® Relay, Type III) File E208033
Typical EV200 applications include battery switching and back-up, DC voltage power control, circuit protection and safety. For factory-direct application assistance, dial

    Промышленные реле 500A 36VDC 1 Form X(SPST-NO-DM)
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