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Datasheet T9AS1D22-24 - TE Connectivity Даташит Мощное реле SPST-NO 24 В постоянный ток, 30 А, PC BOARD

TE Connectivity T9AS1D22-24

Наименование модели: T9AS1D22-24

Производитель: TE Connectivity

Описание: Мощное реле SPST-NO 24 В постоянный ток, 30 А, PC BOARD

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Краткое содержание документа:
T9A series
Low Cost 30 Amp PC Board or Panel Mount Relay
File E22575 File LR15734
· Up to 30 amp switching in SPST and 20 amp in SPDT arrangements. · Immersion cleanable(6), plastic sealed case available. · Meets UL 873 and UL 508 spacing ­ 1/8" through air, 1/4" over surface. · Load connections made via 1/4" Q. C. terminals and safety wells accept insulated female Q. C. terminals (mounting codes 2 & 5). · UL Class F insulation system standard. · Well suited for various industrial, commercial and residential applications.


  • Coil Resistance: 576 Ом
  • Coil Type: DC, Monostable
  • Coil Voltage VDC Nom: 24 В
  • Contact Current Max: 30 А
  • Contact Voltage AC Nom: 240 В
  • Конфигурация контактов: SPST-NO
  • Тип реле: Power
  • RoHS: да

На английском языке: Datasheet T9AS1D22-24 - TE Connectivity POWER RELAY SPST-NO 24 V DC, 30 A, PC BOARD

    Реле общего назначения SPST-NO PC MNT 24VDC
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