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Datasheet GPI - TE Connectivity / Agastat Даташит

Наименование модели: GPI

Производитель: TE Connectivity / Agastat

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Краткое содержание документа:
Control Relays ­ Overview
Among the advances Agastat Control Relays offer over existing designs is a unique contact operating mechanism. An articulated arm assembly amplifies the movement of the solenoid core, allowing the use of a short stroke coil to produce an extremely wide contact gap. The long support arms used in conventional relays are eliminated. Both current capacity and shock/vibration tolerance are greatly increased, as well as life expectancy.
Agastat Control Relays are operated by a moving core electromagnet whose main gap is at the center of the coil. A shoe is fitted to the core which overlaps the yoke and further increases the magnetic attraction. The coil itself is in the form of an elongated cylinder, which provides a low mean turn length and also assists heat dissipation. Since the maximum travel of the electromagnet does not provide optimum contacts movement, an ingenious amplifying device has been designed. This consists of a W


  • Тип реле: Power
  • Coil Voltage VAC Nom: 120 В
  • Contact Current Max: 10 А
  • Contact Voltage AC Nom: 220 В
  • Contact Voltage DC Nom: 48 В
  • Конфигурация контактов: SPDT
  • Coil Type: AC
  • Operating Power Nom: 6 VA
  • Габариты: высота: 109 мм

RoHS: Not RoHS Compliant No

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