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Datasheet AD585SQ - Analog Devices Даташит SEMICONDUCTORS, LINEAR

Analog Devices AD585SQ

Наименование модели: AD585SQ

Производитель: Analog Devices


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Краткое содержание документа:
FEATURES 3.0 s Acquisition Time to 0.01% max Low Droop Rate: 1.0 mV/ms max Sample/Hold Offset Step: 3 mV max Aperture Jitter: 0.5 ns Extended Temperature Range: ­55 C to +125 C Internal Hold Capacitor Internal Application Resistors 12 V or 15 V Operation Available in Surface Mount APPLICATIONS Data Acquisition Systems Data Distribution Systems Analog Delay & Storage Peak Amplitude Measurements MIL-STD-883 Compliant Versions Available PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
High Speed, Precision Sample-and-Hold Amplifier AD585
The AD585 is a complete monolithic sample-and-hold circuit consisting of a high performance operational amplifier in series with an ultralow leakage analog switch and a FET input integrating amplifier. An internal holding capacitor and matched applications resistors have been provided for high precision and applications flexibility. The performance of the AD585 makes it ideal for high speed 10- and 12-bit data acquisition systems, whe

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    Усилители выборки и хранения IC HI SPD SAMPLE/ HOLD AMP
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