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Datasheet DS5002FP-16 - Maxim Даташит Микроконтроллеры (MCU)

Наименование модели: DS5002FP-16

Производитель: Maxim

Описание: Микроконтроллеры (MCU)

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Краткое содержание документа:
DS5002FP Secure Microprocessor Chip
The DS5002FP secure microprocessor chip is a secure version of the DS5001FP 128k soft microprocessor chip. In addition to the memory and I/O enhancements of the DS5001FP, the secure microprocessor chip incorporates the most sophisticated security features available in any processor. The security features of the DS5002FP include an array of mechanisms that are designed to resist all levels of threat, including observation, analysis, and physical attack. As a result, a massive effort is required to obtain any information about memory contents. Furthermore, the "soft" nature of the DS5002FP allows frequent modification of the secure information, thereby minimizing the value of any secure information obtained by such a massive effort.

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    Secure Microprocessor Chip
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