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Datasheet S1C17704F401100 - Epson Даташит Микроконтроллеры (MCU) 16- бит 64 Кб Flash жки 56 x 32

Наименование модели: S1C17704F401100

Производитель: Epson

Описание: Микроконтроллеры (MCU) 16- бит 64 Кб Flash жки 56 x 32

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Краткое содержание документа:
Low Power 16-bit Single Chip Microcontroller
Low Power MCU (operating voltage 1.8 V, 1 A/SLEEP, 2.6 A/HALT) 64K-Byte Flash Memory and 4K-Byte RAM High Quality and Stable Display LCD Driver with Voltage Booster (56 SEG Ч 32 COM) Infrared Remote Controller with Carrier Generator S1C17 High Performance 16-bit RISC CPU Core with C Optimized Compact Code and Serial ICE Support
The S1C17704 is a 16-bit MCU that features high-speed operation, low power consumption, small size, large address space, and on-chip ICE. The S1C17704 consists of an S1C17 CPU Core, a 64K-byte Flash memory, a 4K-byte RAM, serial interface modules (UART that supports high bit rate and IrDA 1.0, SPI and I2C) for connecting various sensor modules, 8-bit timers, 16-bit timers, a PWM & capture timer, a clock timer, a stopwatch timer, a watchdog timer, 28 GPIO ports, an LCD driver with 56-segment Ч 32-common outputs and a voltage booster, a supply voltage detector, 32 kHz (typ.) and 8.2 MHz (max.


  • Упаковка: Tray
  • RoHS: да

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