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Datasheet ATSHA204-MJTG-DA - Atmel Даташит Микроконтроллеры (MCU) CryptAuthEE SHA256 TWI

Наименование модели: ATSHA204-MJTG-DA

Производитель: Atmel

Описание: Микроконтроллеры (MCU) CryptAuthEE SHA256 TWI

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Краткое содержание документа:
Atmel ATSHA204
CryptoAuthentication family of hardware security solutions
The Atmel® ATSHA204 is the first member of the CryptoAuthenticationTM family of secure authentication ICs to integrate the SHA-256 hash algorithm with a 4.5-Kbit EEPROM, providing robust hardware authentication and secure key/data storage at a very cost-effective price. With the ATSHA204, developers can easily implement secure authentication and validation of physical or logical elements in virtually all microprocessor-based systems using the straightforward, 256-bit challenge/ response protocol. It is ideal for handheld electronic systems or any embedded system where space is at a premium with features such as small outline plastic packages and a single-wire interface. Implementing host-side security to provide a full system solution is now easier than ever. The Atmel ATSHA204 includes client and host security capability, offloading key storage and the execution algorithms from the MCU, significantly reducing b


  • RoHS: да

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