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Datasheet LC1DPKG7 - Schneider Electric Даташит Контактор, 30 KVAR, 120 В AC

Schneider Electric LC1DPKG7

Наименование модели: LC1DPKG7

Производитель: Schneider Electric

Описание: Контактор, 30 KVAR, 120 В AC

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Краткое содержание документа:
TeSys Solution
TeSys D contactors for capacitor switching
Why compensate for reactive energy?
1- To reduce your electricity bills by eliminating charges for excess reactive energy consumed. This consumption is generated by various types of load: transformers, motors, air-conditioning units, ballasts, etc. 2- To improve the quality of the energy provided by certain mains supplies.
How to compensate for reactive energy?


  • Coil Voltage VAC Nom: 120 В
  • Contactor Direction: Non - Reversing
  • Number of Poles: 3
  • Operating Voltage: 690 В
  • Конфигурация контактов: DPST-NC / SPST-NO
  • Способ монтажа: DIN Rail
  • RoHS: да

На английском языке: Datasheet LC1DPKG7 - Schneider Electric CONTACTOR, 30 KVAR, 120 V AC

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