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Datasheet 8533660000 - Weidmuller Даташит Реле COUPLER, SPDT, 24 В постоянный ток, 6 А, DIN RAIL

Weidmuller 8533660000

Наименование модели: 8533660000

Производитель: Weidmuller

Описание: Реле COUPLER, SPDT, 24 В постоянный ток, 6 А, DIN RAIL

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Краткое содержание документа:
Relay Couplers
Product Selection Guide
Relay Couplers in Weidmuller's World
Switching, amplifying and multiplying. Weidmuller's relay couplers give their all! Module for module: first class quality! Weidmuller's relay couplers enable interference-free and noninteracting signal transmissions in industrial automation applications. Quickly mounted, they are compact and can be integrated in the tightest of spaces. Weidmuller's relay couplers guarantee: · easy mounting: simply snap onto the mounting rail · reliable separation of input and output circuits when specified insulation voltage is adhered to · simultaneous switching of several loads · error-free switching of varying loads · reliable coupling of different voltages and currents between the input and output circuits · improved performance For each and every problem: a solution! This extensive spectrum of features means that Weidmuller's relay couplers are mainly suitable for separating and conditioning of potentials as well as for


  • Coil Current: 6.6 мА
  • Coil Type: DC
  • Coil Voltage VDC Nom: 24 В
  • Contact Current Max: 6 А
  • Contact Voltage AC Nom: 250 В
  • Конфигурация контактов: SPST
  • Тип реле: General Purpose
  • RoHS: да

    Переключающее реле MRZ 24VDC 1CO (10 шт)
    ЭлитанWeidmuller885 руб.
    Industrial ModuleWeidmullerпо запросу
    Кремнийпо запросу
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