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Datasheet PIC12F1501-I/P - Microchip Даташит Микроконтроллеры (MCU) 1.75 Кб FL 64BR 6 I/O CLC NCO 10- бит ADC

Наименование модели: PIC12F1501-I/P

Производитель: Microchip

Описание: Микроконтроллеры (MCU) 1.75 Кб FL 64BR 6 I/O CLC NCO 10- бит ADC

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Краткое содержание документа:
New Peripherals Tips `n Tricks
The Complementary Waveform Generator (CWG), Configurable Logic Cell (CLC), and the Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO) Peripherals
Microchip continues to provide innovative products that are smaller, faster, easier to use and more reliable. Flash-based PIC® MCUs are used in a wide range of every day products from smoke detectors to industrial, automotive and medical products. The PIC16(L)F150X and PIC10(L)F32X families of devices with on-chip configurable logic cells merge all the advantages of the PIC MCU architecture and the flexibility of Flash program memory with the functionality of a configurable digital logic cell. Together they form a low-cost building block with resource savings and external component reduction. The flexibility of Flash and an excellent development tool suite, including a low-cost In-Circuit Debugger, InCircuit Serial ProgrammingTM (ICSPTM) and CLC Configuration Tool GUI, make these devices ideal f


  • Серия процессора: PIC12
  • Шина данных: 8 бит
  • Ядро: PIC
  • RoHS: да

На английском языке: Datasheet PIC12F1501-I/P - Microchip Microcontrollers (MCU) 1.75 Kb FL 64BR 6 I/O CLC NCO 10- bit ADC

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