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Datasheet MC18-S-10230 - IMO Precision Controls Даташит Контактор, 1 нет, 230 VAC, 18 А, DIN RAIL

IMO Precision Controls MC18-S-10230

Наименование модели: MC18-S-10230

Производитель: IMO Precision Controls

Описание: Контактор, 1 нет, 230 VAC, 18 А, DIN RAIL

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Краткое содержание документа:
Designed for greater flexibility at both design and production stage, this versatile range has been engineered to meet the evolving needs of interface with electronic circuits. Features include: · Din-rail mounting - right up to 74A AC3 · Compactness only 45mm wide up to 40A AC3 · Large terminations: 6mm2 K3-10 to -22; 25mm2 K3-24 to -40; 50mm2 K3-50 to -74 · Increased operational currents AC1 + AC3 · Resistant to very high ambient temperatures (90єC) and humidity · Made from halogen- and CFC-free plastics · Single auxiliary contacts colour coded for easy identification · 4 main pole versions available
introducing the
3-pole contactors
Standard coil voltages 24V 50/60Hz, 110V 50/60Hz 220-240V 50Hz, 380-415V 50Hz 24V DC AC operated
actual size


  • Load Current Inductive: 18 А
  • Load Current Resistive: 32 А
  • Operating Voltage: 690 VAC
  • Switching Current AC1: 32 А
  • Switching Current AC3: 18 А
  • Switching Power AC1: 5 кВт
  • Switching Power AC3: 10 кВт
  • RoHS: да

Варианты написания:

MC18S10230, MC18 S 10230

На английском языке: Datasheet MC18-S-10230 - IMO Precision Controls CONTACTOR, 1 No, 230 VAC, 18 A, DIN RAIL

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