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Texas Instruments TMS320F280230PTS

Производитель:Texas Instruments

Piccolo Microcontroller 48-LQFP -40 to 125


  • Скачать » Datasheet
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 3.7 Мб, 01-02-2012
    Multi-DC/DC Conversion & Color LED Control Integrated on a C2000 Microcontroller
    This application report presents a solution to control an LED lighting system using TMS320F2802x microcontrollers. The Piccolo™ TMS320F2802x series of devices are part of the family of C2000 mic
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 825 Кб, 02-07-2013
    High-Voltage Half-Bridge LLC Resonant DC/DC Conv SW w/ Synch Rectification Kit
    This application report presents a solution to control a half-bridge LLC resonant DC/DC converter with synchronous rectification system using TMS320F2802x microcontrollers. The Piccolo;trade; TMS320F2
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 396 Кб, Rev. A, 26-03-2015
    Serial Flash Programming of C2000 Microcontrollers (Rev. A)
    Often times, embedded processors must be programmed in situations where JTAG is not a viable option for programming the target device. When this is the case, the engineer must rely on some type of se
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 407 Кб, 21-09-2009
    EEPROM Emulation With the TMS320F28xxx DSCs
    Many applications require storing small quantities of system related data (e.g., calibration values, device configuration) in a non-volatile memory, so that it can be used or modified and reused even
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 2.0 Мб, 16-11-2009
    Programming External Nonvolatile Memory Using SDFlash for TMS320C28x Devices
    The C28xxx generation of microcontrollers can connect to external nonvolatile memory through a variety of interfaces including parallel, serial peripheral interface (SPI), and inter-integrated circuit
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 129 Кб, 17-01-2012
    TPS75005 Quick-Start Guide with C2000? Controllers
    The TPS75005 is a complete power management solution for C2000 controllers from Texas Instruments. This document illustrates how to attach the TPS75005 to a C2000 controller.
    32-битные микроконтроллеры Piccolo MCU
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Статус продуктаВ производстве (Рекомендуется для новых разработок)
Бессвинцовая технология (Pb Free)Да
Доступность образцов у производителяНет

Корпус / Упаковка / Маркировка:

Package TypePTPT
Package QTY250250
CarrierJEDEC TRAY (10+1)JEDEC TRAY (10+1)
Device MarkingS320F 980280230PTS
Width (мм)77
Length (мм)77
Thickness (мм)1.41.4
Pitch (мм).5.5
Max Height (мм)1.61.6
Mechanical DataСкачать »Скачать »

Классификация производителя:

Semiconductors > Microcontrollers (MCU) > Performance MCUs > Real-time Control > Piccolo F2802x/3x/5x/6x/7x

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