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Datasheet CD-LAB8 - Bourns Даташит Конструктор, DESIGN, CHIP DIODES, CD-LAB8

Bourns CD-LAB8

Наименование модели: CD-LAB8

Производитель: Bourns

Описание: Конструктор, DESIGN, CHIP DIODES, CD-LAB8

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Краткое содержание документа:
Design Kits - Chip Diodes
The markets of portable communications, computing and video equipment are challenging the semiconductor industry to develop increasingly smaller electronic components. Today, designers of compact electronic systems are faced with board space constraints, thus driving the requirement for alternative packaging technologies. Functional integration and miniaturization is the key to success! To aid this miniaturization campaign, a new generation of Chip Diodes from Bourns has emerged that offers the capability to provide a silicon diode with minimal packaging overhead. The small signal diodes are lead-free with Cu/Ni/Au plated terminations and are compatible with lead-free manufacturing processes, conforming many industry and government regulations on lead-free components. Bourns offers MITE Schottky Barrier Diodes for rectification applications in compact chip package DO-216AA size format. The CD216A-B1 Schottky Rectifier Diode Series offer a forward current of 1


  • Kit Contents: 320pcs - 10 Each of 32 Samples
  • Влагостойкость: MSL 1 - Unlimited
  • RoHS: да

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    Прочие средства разработки 10each 32 values
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