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Datasheet SSM2537ACBZ-R7 - Analog Devices Даташит Усилитель, аудио, CLASS-D, 2.7 Вт, 8R, 9WLCSP

Analog Devices SSM2537ACBZ-R7

Наименование модели: SSM2537ACBZ-R7

Производитель: Analog Devices

Описание: Усилитель, аудио, CLASS-D, 2.7 Вт, 8R, 9WLCSP

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Краткое содержание документа:
Data Sheet
Filterless digital Class-D amplifier Pulse density modulation (PDM) digital input interface 2.7 W into 4 load and 1.4 W into 8 load at 5.0 V supply with <1% total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD + N) Available in 9-ball, 1.2 mm Ч 1.2 mm, 0.4 mm pitch WLCSP 93% efficiency into 8 at full scale Output noise: 25 µV rms at 3.6 V, A-weighted THD + N: 0.005% at 1 kHz, 100 mW output power PSRR: 80 dB at 217 Hz, with dither input Quiescent power consumption: 5.1 mW (VDD = 1.8 V, PVDD = 3.6 V, 8 + 33 µH load) Pop-and-click suppression Configurable with PDM pattern inputs Short-circuit and thermal protection with autorecovery Smart power-down when PDM stop condition or no clock input detected 64 Ч fS or 128 Ч fS operation supporting 3 MHz and 6 MHz clocks DC blocking high-pass filter and static input dc protection User-selectable ultralow EMI emissions and low latency modes Power-on reset (POR) Minimal external passive components
PDM Digital Input, Mono 2.7 W Class-D


  • Load Impedance: 4 Ом
  • Влагостойкость: MSL 1 - Unlimited
  • Выходная мощность: 2.7 Вт
  • Класс усилителя: D
  • Количество выводов: 9
  • Количество каналов: 1
  • Рабочий диапазон температрур: -40°C ... +85°C
  • Тип корпуса: WLCSP
  • RoHS: да
  • SVHC: No SVHC (18-Jun-2012)

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