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Datasheet LT1715IMS - Linear Technology Даташит Компаратор, сдвоенный, 4 нс, MSOP-10

Linear Technology LT1715IMS

Наименование модели: LT1715IMS

Производитель: Linear Technology

Описание: Компаратор, сдвоенный, 4 нс, MSOP-10

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Краткое содержание документа:
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LT1715 4ns, 150MHz Dual Comparator with Independent Input/Output Supplies DESCRIPTION
The LT®1715 is an UltraFastTM dual comparator optimized for low voltage operation. Separate supplies allow independent analog input ranges and output logic levels with no loss of performance. The input voltage range extends from 100mV below VEE to 1.2V below VCC. Internal hysteresis makes the LT1715 easy to use even with slow moving input signals. The rail-to-rail outputs directly interface toTTL and CMOS. The symmetric output drive results in similar rise and fall times that can be harnessed for analog applications or for easy translation to other single supply logic levels. The LT1715 is available in the 10-pin MSOP package. The pinout of the LT1715 minimizes parasitic effects by placing the most sensitive inputs away from the outputs, shielded by the power rails. For a dual/quad single supply comparator with similar propagation delay, see the LT1720/LT1721. For a sin


  • Output Compatibility: CMOS, TTL
  • Время отклика: 4 нс
  • Диапазон напряжения питания: 2.7 В ... 12 В
  • Количество выводов: 10
  • Количество компараторов: 2
  • Тип компаратора: High Speed
  • Тип корпуса: MSOP
  • Ток потребления: 1 мА

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