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Datasheet MAX13331GEE/V+ - Maxim Даташит Аудио усилители DirectDrive Head Phone усилитель

Maxim MAX13331GEE/V+

Наименование модели: MAX13331GEE/V+

Производитель: Maxim

Описание: Аудио усилители DirectDrive Head Phone усилитель

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Краткое содержание документа:
19-4341; Rev 3; 7/11 Automotive DirectDrive Headphone Amplifiers with Output Protection and Diagnostics
General Description
The MAX13330/MAX13331 stereo headphone amplifiers are designed for automotive applications requiring output short-circuit and ESD protection to battery/ground with diagnostics. These devices use Maxim's unique DirectDrive® architecture to produce a ground-referenced output from a single supply, eliminating the need for large DC-blocking capacitors, saving board space and component height. The gain of the amplifier is set internally (-1.5V/V) on the MAX13330 or adjusted externally with resistors on the MAX13331. The MAX13330/MAX13331 deliver 120mW per channel into a 16 load or 135mW into a 32 load and have a low 0.01% THD+N. Low output impedance and the efficient integrated charge pump allows the device to drive loads as low as 8, enabling the use of small loudspeakers. An 80dB at 217Hz PSRR allows these devices to operate from noisy digital supplies without an add


  • Вид монтажа: SMD/SMT
  • Выходная мощность: 135 мВт x 2 at 32 Ом
  • Максимальное рассеяние мощности: 771.5 мВт
  • Продукт: Class-AB
  • Рабочее напряжение питания: 4 В ... 5.5 В
  • Рабочий диапазон температрур: - 40 C ... + 105 C
  • Суммарные нелинейные искажения + шум: 0.01 %
  • Тип выхода: 2-Channel Headphone
  • Тип корпуса: QSOP-16
  • Ток потребления: 10 мА
  • Упаковка: Tube
  • RoHS: да

    Automotive DirectDrive Headphone Amplifiers with Output Protection and Diagnostics
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