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Datasheet Microsemi A1225A-PQ100I

Семейство:ACT 2

Серия FPGA ACT 2


На английском языке: Datasheet Microsemi A1225A-PQ100I

    FPGA Antifuse Act 2 НДС-доставка включены. Гарантия 1 год
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    ПСР Актелофициальный статусMicrosemiA1225A-PQ100Iпо запросу
    LifeElectronics MicrosemiA1225A-PQ100Iпо запросу
    TradeElectronics CrydomA1225APQ100Iпо запросу
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Варианты написания: A1225APQ100I, A1225A PQ100I

Выписка из документа:
Revision 8 ACT 2 Family FPGAs
Features Up to 8,000 Gate Array Gates (20,000 PLD equivalent gates) Replaces up to 200 TTL Packages Replaces up to eighty 20-Pin PAL® Packages Design Library with over 500 Macro Functions Single-Module Sequence Functions Wide-Input Combinatorial Functions Up to 1,232 Programmable Logic Modules Up to 998 Flip-Flops Table 1 ACT 2 Product Family Profile Device Capacity Gate Array Equivalent Gates PLD Equivalent Gates TTL Equivalent Package 20-Pin PAL Equivalent Packages Logic Modules S-Module C-Module Flip-Flops (maximum) Routing Resources Horizontal Tracks/Channel Vertical Tracks/Channel PLICE Antifuse Elements User I/Os (maximum) Performance
1 Datapath Performance at 105 MHz 16-Bit Accumulator Performance to 39 MHz Two In-Circuit Diagnostic Probe Pins Support Speed Analysis to 50 MHz Two High-Speed, Low-Skew Clock Networks I/O Drive to 10 mA Nonvolatile, User Programmable Logic Fully Tested Prior to Shipment 1.0 micron CMOS Technology A1225A 2,500 6,250 63 25 451 231 220 382 36 15 250,000 83 105 MHz 70 MHz 39 MHz PG100 PL84 PQ100 VQ100 ­ ­ A1240A 4,000 10,000 100 40 684 348 336 568 36 15 400,000 104 100 MHz 69 MHz 38 MHz PG132 PL84 PQ144 ­ TQ176 ­ A1280A ...

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