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Datasheet Everlight XI3030/KK3C-H5050S1S5S2Z15/2T


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На английском языке: Datasheet Everlight XI3030/KK3C-H5050S1S5S2Z15/2T

Варианты написания: XI3030/KK3CH5050S1S5S2Z15/2T, XI3030/KK3C H5050S1S5S2Z15/2T

Выписка из документа:
SMD HP XI3030(2S) Series Features
Top view white LED High luminous intensity output Typical Viewing Angle:120° Pb-free RoHS compliant Description
The Everlight XI3030 package has high efficacy, high CRI, mid power consumption, wide viewing angle and a compact form factor. These features make this package an ideal LED for all lighting applications. Applications General lighting Decorative and Entertainment Lighting Indicators Illumination Revision : 1 Copyright6© LifecyclePhase: 2012, Everlight All Rights Reserved. Release Date: Oct.11.2013 Issue No: DSE-0009158 Rev:6 Release Date:2013-10-16 17:18:46.0 www.everlight.com Expired Period: Forever DATASHEET SMD HP XI3030(2S) Series Table of Contents
Product Nomenclature. 3 Absolute Maximum Ratings . 4 PN of the XI3030 series: White LEDs . 5 Reference Optic-Electrical Characteristic: Warm White LEDs . 6 Reference Optic-Electrical Characteristic: Neutral White LEDs . 7 Reference Optic-Electrical Characteristic: Cool White LEDs . 8 Product Binning:Luminous Flux Bins . 9 Prodcut Binning:White Bin Structure . 10 Prodcut Binning:Warm White Bin Structure .11 Product Binning:Warm White Bin Coordinates .11 Prodcut Binning: Neutral White Bin Structure. 13 Product Binning: Neutral White Bin Coordinates. 13 Prodcut Binning:Cool White Bin Structure . 14 Product Binning:...

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