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40 В, 1 А драйвер затворов для управления сильноточными мощными MOSFET в корпусе SOT26


На английском языке: Datasheet Diodes ZXGD3009E6TA

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A Product Line of Diodes Incorporated ZXGD3009E6
40V 2A GATE DRIVER IN SOT26 Description
ZXGD3009E6 is a high-speed non-inverting single gate driver for switching MOSFETs. capacitive load. This gate driver ensures rapid switching of the MOSFET to minimize power losses and distortion in high current switching applications. It can typically drive 1A into the low gate impedance with just 10mA input from a controller. application. Also, the turn-on and turn-off switching behavior of the MOSFET can be individually tailored to suit an In particular, by defining the switching characteristics appropriately, EMI and cross conduction problems can be reduced. It can transfer up to 2A peak source/sink current into the gate for effective charging and discharging the Features High-gain buffer with typically 1A output from 10mA input Emitter-follower that is rugged to latch-up / shoot-through issues Wide supply voltage to minimize on-losses Separate so...

  • Серия: ZXGD3009E6 (1)
    • ZXGD3009E6TA
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