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    Управление питанием от батарей HI-EFF SOLAR PV MPPT REG FOR SPR CAP SYS
    Цена ZSPM4523AA1W
    Элитан157 руб.
    ПМ ЭлектрониксIDTот 179 руб.
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Выписка из документа:
Data Sheet
Rev. 1.01 / October 2014 ZSPM4523
High-Efficiency Solar PV MPPT Regulator for Super Capacitor Systems Power Management Power and Precision ZSPM4523
High-Efficiency Solar PV MPPT Regulator for Super Cap Systems Brief Description
The ZSPM4523 is a DC/DC synchronous switching super capacitor charger with fully integrated power switches, internal compensation, and full fault protection. It uses a temperature-independent photovoltaic maximum power point tracking (MPPT) calculator to optimize power output from the source during Full-Charge Mode. Its 1MHz switching frequency allows using small filter components, which results in smaller board space and reduced bill-of-material costs. In Full-Charge Mode, the duty cycle is controlled by the MPPT function. Once the termination voltage is reached, the regulator operates in Constant Voltage Mode. When the regulator is disabled (the EN pin is low), the device draws 10µA (typical) quiescent current from VOUT. The ZSPM4523 integrates a wide range of protection circuitry, including input supply under-voltage lockout, output over-voltage protection, current limiting, and thermal shutdown. The ZSPM4523 includes supervisory reporting via the NFLT (Inverted Fault) open-drain output to interface other components in the system. Device programming is achieved by the IІCTM* interface through th...

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