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Quad Output Universal Customizable PMIC with PFM


На английском языке: Datasheet Exar XRP7720ILBTR-XXXX-F

Варианты написания: XRP7720ILBTRXXXXF, XRP7720ILBTR XXXX F

Выписка из документа:
Quad Output Universal Customizable PMIC with PFM
January 2014 Rev. 1.0.0 GENERAL DESCRIPTION
The XRP7720 is a quad output universal customizable PMIC comprised of a quad channel Digital Pulse Width Modulated (DPWM) Step down (buck) controller and 5V LDO. A wide 4.75V to 5.5V and 5.5V to 18V input voltage dual range allows for single supply operation from standard power rails. It is pin compatible to the popular XRP7724 and provides full flexibility during the development phase while offering a cost effective option for high volume production units. With integrated FET gate drivers, it can operate from 105kHz to 1...

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