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Линейный драйвер светодиодов в двухвыводном корпусе PowerDI-123


На английском языке: Datasheet Diodes AL5809-50P1-7

Варианты написания: AL580950P17, AL5809 50P1 7

Выписка из документа:
AL5809 60V Two Terminal Constant Current LED Driver Description
The AL5809 is a constant current linear LED driver and provides a cost-effective two pin solution. It has an excellent temperature stability of 20 ppm/°C and current accuracy ±5% regulated over a wide voltage and temperature range. The AL5809 comes in various fixed output current versions removing the need for external current setting resistors creating a simple solution for the linear driving of LEDs. It supports both the high-side and low-side driving of LED chains. The AL5809 turns on immediately and can swing from 2.5V up to 60V enabling drive long LED chains. The floating ground, 60V voltage rating between input and output pins designed to withstand...

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