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ON Semiconductor NCS325SN2T1G

Производитель:ON Semiconductor

50 mV Offset, 0.25 mV/5°C, 35 mA, Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier



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Выписка из документа:
NCS325 50 mV Offset, 0.25 mV/5C, 35 mA, Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier
The NCS325 is a CMOS operational amplifier providing precision performance. The Zero-Drift architecture allows for continuous auto-calibration, which provides very low offset, near-zero drift over time and temperature, and near flat 1/f noise at only 35 mA (max) quiescent current. These benefits make it ideal for precision DC applications. The NCS325 provides rail-to-rail input and output performance and is optimized for low voltage operation as low as 1.8 V and up to 5.5 V. The NCS325 is available in the space-saving SOT23-5 package.
Features http://onsemi.com MARKING DIAGRAM
TSOP-5 (SOT23-5) SN SUFFIX CASE 483 5 32A AYWG G 1 5 1 Low Offset Voltage: 14 mV typ, 50 mV max at 25°C Zero Drift: 0.25 mV/°C max Low Noise: 1 mVpp, 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz Quiescent Current: 21 mA typ, 35 mA max at 25°C Supply Voltage: 1.8 V to 5.5 V Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Internal EMI Filtering These Devices are Pb-Free, Halogen Free/BFR Free and are RoHS Compliant Battery Powered Instruments Temperature Measurements Tra...

  • Серия: NCS325 (1)
    • NCS325SN2T1G

На английском языке: Datasheet ON Semiconductor NCS325SN2T1G

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