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Производитель:Texas Instruments
Серия:TL431, TL431A, TL431B, TL432, TL432A, TL432B

Программируемый трехвыводной шунтовой стабилизатор напряжения


    TL431ACDBVR на РадиоЛоцман.Цены — от 4,02 до 18,40 руб.
    Shunt Voltage Regulator IC; Supply Voltage Max:36V; Termination Type:SMD; Package/Case:5-SOP; No. of Pins:5; Operating Temperature Range:0°C to +70°C; Leaded Process Compatible:No;...
    Цены на TL431ACDBVR
    ЭлитанTexas InstrumentsTL431ACDBVR4,02 руб.
    ICdaromTexas InstrumentsTL431ACDBVRот 4,60 руб.
    ИнтерияTexas InstrumentsTL431ACDBVR5,84 руб.
    КимTexas InstrumentsTL431ACDBVR15,00 руб.
    ДессиTexas InstrumentsИсточник опорного напряжения TL431ACDBVR18,40 руб.
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TL431, TL431A, TL431B, TL432, TL432A, TL432B
www.ti.com SLVS543N ­ AUGUST 2004 ­ REVISED JANUARY 2014 TL431 Precision Programmable Reference
Check for Samples: TL431, TL431A, TL431B, TL432, TL432A, TL432B
Operation From -40°C to 125°C Reference Voltage Tolerance at 25°C ­ 0.5% . B Grade ­ 1% . A Grade ­ 2% . Standard Grade Typical Temperature Drift (TL431B) ­ 6 mV (C Temp) ­ 14 mV (I Temp, Q Temp) Low Output Noise 0.2- Typical Output Impedance Sink-Current Capability . 1 mA to 100 mA Adjustable Output Voltage . Vref to 36 V DESCRIPTION
The TL431 and TL432 are three-terminal adjustable shunt regulators, with specified thermal stability over applicable automotive, commercial, and military temperature ranges. The output voltage can be set to any value between Vref (approximately 2.5 V) and 36 V, with two external resistors (see Figure 17). These devices have a typical output impedance of 0.2 . Active output circuitry provides a very sharp turn-on characteristic, making these devices excellent replacements for Zener diodes in many applications, such as onboard regulation, adjustable power supplies, and switching power supplies. The TL432 has exactly the same functionality and electrical specifications as the TL431, but has different pinouts for the DBV, DBZ, and PK packages. Both the TL431 and TL432 ...

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