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High Voltage I2C Current and Voltage Monitor


На английском языке: Datasheet Linear Technology LTC4151IS-2#PBF

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Варианты написания: LTC4151IS-2PBF, LTC4151IS-2 PBF, LTC4151IS2#PBF, LTC4151IS 2#PBF

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LTC4151 High Voltage I2C Current and Voltage Monitor FeaTures DescripTion
The LTC®4151 is a high side power monitor that operates over a wide voltage range of 7V to 80V. In default operation mode, the onboard 12-bit ADC continuously measures high side current, input voltage and an external voltage. Data is reported through the I2C interface when polled by a host. The LTC4151 can also perform on-demand measurement in a snapshot mode. The LTC4151 features a dedicated shutdown pin to reduce power consumption. The LTC4151-1/LTC4151-2 feature split I2C data pins to drive opto-isolators. The data out on the LTC4151-1 is inverted while that on the LTC4151-2 is not.
PART LTC4151 LTC4151-1 LTC4151-2 PACKAGE DD10, MS10 DD10, MS10 S16 FEATURED PIN SHDN SDAO SDAO Wide Operating Voltage Range: 7V to 80V 12-Bit Resolutio...

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