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Производитель:Linear Technology
Серия:LTC1052 / LTC7652

Операционный усилитель с нулевым дрейфом



Выписка из документа:
LTC1052/LTC7652 Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier FEATURES DESCRIPTIO Guaranteed Max Offset: 5µV Guaranteed Max Offset Drift: 0.05µV/°C Typ Offset Drift: 0.01µV/°C Excellent Long Term Stability: 100nV/Month Guaranteed Max Input Bias Current: 30pA Over Operating Temperature Range: Guaranteed Min Gain: 120dB Guaranteed Min CMRR: 120dB Guaranteed Min PSRR: 120dB Single Supply Operation: 4.75V to 16V (Input Voltage Range Extends to Ground) External Capacitors can be Returned to V ­ with No Noise Degradation The LTC®1052 and LTC7652 are low noise zero-drift op amps manufactured using Linear Technology's enhanced LTCMOSTM silicon gate process. Chopper-stabilization constantly corrects offset voltage errors. Both initial offset and changes in the offset due to time, temperature and common mode voltage are corrected. This, coupled with picoampere input currents, gives these amplifiers unmatched performance. Low frequency (1/f) noise is also improved by the chopping technique. Instead of increasing continuously at a 3dB/octave rate, the internal chopping causes noise to decrease at low frequencies. The chopper circuitry is entirely internal and completely transparent to the user. Only two external capacitors are required to alternately sample-and-hold the offset correction voltage and the amplified input signal. Control circuitry is brought out on the 14-pin and 16-pin versions to allow the sampling of the LTC1052 to be synchronized with an external frequency source.
, LTC and LT are registered trademarks of Linear Technology Corporation. LTCMOS is a trademark of Linear Technology Corporation. Teflon is a trademark of DuPont. APPLICATIO S Thermocouple Amplifiers Strain Gauge Amplifiers Low Level Signal Processing Medical Instrumentation TYPICAL APPLICATIO
5V 3 Ultralow Noise, Low Drift Amplifier
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На английском языке: Datasheet Linear Technology LTC7652CH

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