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Производитель:Linear Technology

Dual Micropower Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier with Internal Capacitors


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    Dual Micropower Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier with Internal Capacitors
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Классификация производителя:

Signal Conditioning Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) Precision Amplifiers

Варианты написания: LTC1047CSWPBF, LTC1047CSW PBF

Выписка из документа:
LTC1047 Dual Micropower Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier with Internal Capacitors DESCRIPTIO
The LTC®1047 is a micropower, high performance dual zero-drift operational amplifier. The sample-and-hold capacitors usually required by other chopper amplifiers are integrated on-chip, minimizing the need for external components. The LTC1047 has a typical offset voltage of 3µV, drift of 10nV/°C, input noise voltage typically 3.5µVP-P, and typical voltage gain of 150dB. The common mode rejection is 110dB minimum, with minimum power supply rejection of 105dB. The LTC1047 also offers a 0.2V/µs slew rate and a gain bandwidth product of 200kHz. Overload recovery time from saturation is 70ms, four times faster than chopper amplifiers with external capacitors. The LTC1047 is available in a standard plastic 8-pin PDIP as well as a 16-pin SW package. The LTC1047 is a plug-in replacement for most dual op amps with improved DC performance and substantial power savings.
, LTC and LT are registered trademarks of Linear Technology Corporation. FEATURES No External Components Required Maximum Offset Voltage: 10µV Maximum Offset Voltage Drift: 50nV/°C Supply Current: 80µA Minimum CMRR: 110dB Minimum PSRR: 105dB Single Supply Operation: 4.75V to 16V Common Mode Range Includes GND Output Swings to GND Typical Overload Recovery Time: 70ms Pin Compatible with Industry Standard Dual Op Amps APPLICATIO S Thermocouple Amplifiers Electronic Scales Battery Powered Instrumentation Strain Gauge Amplifiers Remote Located Sensors TYPICAL APPLICATIO
5V ...

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