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Производитель:Texas Instruments
Серия:UCC1895, UCC2895, UCC3895

BiCMOS Advanced Phase-Shift PWM Controller


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Классификация производителя:

Semiconductors > Power Management > AC/DC and Isolated DC/DC Power Supply > PWM and Resonant Controller

Выписка из документа:
UCC1895, UCC2895, UCC3895
www.ti.com SLUS157P ­ DECEMBER 1999 ­ REVISED JUNE 2013 BiCMOS Advanced Phase-Shift PWM Controller
Check for Samples: UCC1895, UCC2895, UCC3895
Programmable-Output Turnon Delay Adaptive Delay Set Bidirectional Oscillator Synchronization Voltage-Mode, Peak Current-Mode, or Average Current-Mode Control Programmable Softstart, Softstop and Chip Disable via a Single Pin 0% to 100% Duty-Cycle Control 7-MHz Error Amplifier Operation to 1 MHz Typical 5-mA Operating Current at 500 kHz Very Low 150-A Current During UVLO DESCRIPTION
The UCC3895 is a phase-shift PWM controller that implements control of a full-bridge power stage by phase shifting the switching of one half-bridge with respect to the other. The device allows constant frequency pulse-width modulation in conjunction with resonant zero-voltage switching to provide high efficiency at high frequencies. The part is used either as a voltage-mode or current-mode controller. While the UCC3895 maintains the functionality of the UC3875/6/7/8 family and UC3879, it improves on that controller family with additional features such as enhanced control logic, adaptive delay set, and shutdown capability. Because the d...

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