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Серия:MCP14A0051 / MCP14A0052

0.5 A MOSFET драйверы в корпусах SOT-23 и DFN



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Классификация производителя

Power Management - Power MOSFET Drivers

Варианты написания: MCP14A0051TE/MAY, MCP14A0051T E/MAY

Выписка из документа:
0.5A MOSFET Driver With Low Threshold Input And Enable
Features High Peak Output Current: 0.5A (typical) Wide Input Supply Voltage Operating Range: - 4.5V to 18V Low Shoot-Through/Cross-Conduction Current in Output Stage High Capacitive Load Drive Capability: - 1000 pF in 40 ns (typical) Short Delay Times: 33 ns (tD1), 24 ns (tD2) (typical) Low Supply Current: 375 µA (typical) Low Voltage Threshold Input and Enable with Hysteresis Latch-Up Protected: Withstands 500 mA Reverse Current Space-Saving Packages: - 6L SOT-23 - 6L 2 x 2 DFN General Description
The MCP14A0051/2 devices are high-speed MOSFET drivers that are capable of providing up to 0.5A of peak current while operating from a single 4.5V to 18V supply. The inverting (MCP14A0051) or non-inverting (MCP14A0052) single-channel output is directly controlled from either TTL or CMOS (2V to 18V) logic. These devices also feature low shoot-through current, matched rise and fall times, and short propagation delays which make them ideal for high switching frequency applications. The MCP14A0051/2 family of devices offer enhanced control with Enable functionality. The active-high Enable pin can be driven low to drive the output of the MCP14A0051/2 low regardless of the status of the Input pin. An integrated pull-up resistor allows the user to leave the Enable pin floating for standard operation. Additionally, the MCP14A0051/2 devi...

На английском языке: Datasheet Microchip MCP14A0051T-E/MAY

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