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Производитель:Texas Instruments
Серия:TPS40210, TPS40211

TPS4021x 4.5 V to 52 V Input Current Mode Boost Controller. Wide Input Range Current Mode Boost Controller.


    TPS40210DGQ на РадиоЛоцман.Цены — от 87,60 до 287,00 руб.
    Тип корпуса: HTSSOP10 Производитель: Texas Instruments Incorporated DC-DC преобразователь интегральный
    Цены на TPS40210DGQ
    ЭлитанTexas InstrumentsTPS40210DGQ87,60 руб.
    ICdaromTexas InstrumentsTPS40210DGQот 134,53 руб.
    ТерраэлектроникаTexas InstrumentsTPS40210DGQот 147,00 руб.
    ИнтерияTexas InstrumentsTPS40210DGQ172,46 руб.
    ДессиTexas InstrumentsDC-DC преобразователь интегральный TPS40210DGQ286,68 руб.
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Классификация производителя:

Power Management > LED Driver > LED Lighting - Illumination

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Product Folder Sample & Buy Technical Documents Tools & Software Support & Community TPS40210, TPS40211
SLUS772F ­ MARCH 2008 ­ REVISED MARCH 2015 TPS4021x 4.5-V to 52-V Input Current Mode Boost Controller
1 Features 1 3 Description
The TPS40210 and TPS40211 are wide-input voltage (4.5 V to 52 V), nonsynchronous boost controllers. They are suitable for topologies which require a grounded source N-channel FET including boost, flyback, SEPIC and various LED Driver applications. The device features include programmable soft-start, overcurrent protection with automatic retry and programmable oscillator frequency. Current mode control provides improved transient response and simplified loop compensation. The main difference between the two parts is the reference voltage to which the error amplifier regulates the FB pin. Device Information(1)
PART NUMBER TPS40210 TPS40211 PACKAGE HVSSOP (10) VSON (10) BODY SIZE (NOM) 3.05 mm x 4.98 mm 3.10 mm x 3.10 mm For Boost, Flyback, SEPIC, LED Drive Apps Wide Input Operating Voltage: 4.5 V to 52 V Adjustable Oscillator Frequency Fixed Frequency Current Mode Control Internal Slope Compensation Integrated Low-Side Driver Programmable Closed-Loop Soft-Start Overcurrent Protection External Synchronization Capable Reference 700 mV (TPS40210), 260 mV (TPS40211) Low Current Disable Function 2 Applications LED Lighting Industrial Control Systems Battery Powered Systems (1) For all available packages, see the orderable addendum at the end of the datasheet. Simplified Schematic
VIN TPS40210 1 2 3 4 5 RC SS DIS/EN COMP FB VDD 10 BP GDRV ISNS GND 9 8 7 6 RSENSE VOUT UDG-07110 1 An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, changes, use in safety-critical applications, intellectual property matters and other important disclaimers. PRODUCTION DATA. TPS40210, TPS40211
SLUS772F ­ MARCH 2008 ­ REVISED MARCH 2015 www.ti.com Table of Contents
1 2 3 4 5 6 Features . Applicat...

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