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Datasheet Texas Instruments TLC3702ID

Производитель:Texas Instruments

Dual, Micropower, Push-Pull Outputs, LinCMOS Voltage Comparator


    TLC3702ID на РадиоЛоцман.Цены — от 14,80 до 78,00 руб.
    COMPARATOR DUAL, SMD, 3702, SOIC8; Comparators, No. of:2; Comparator Type:General Purpose; Time, Response:1.1чs; Output Type:CMOS Compatible - Push-Pull; Current, Supply:18чA; Voltage,...
    Цены на TLC3702ID
    ЭлитанTexas Instruments14,80 руб.
    ICdaromTexas Instrumentsот 28,47 руб.
    ТерраэлектроникаTexas Instrumentsот 31,50 руб.
    МосЧипTexas Instrumentsпо запросу
    Кремнийпо запросу
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Классификация производителя:

Semiconductors > Amplifiers and Linear > Comparator

Выписка из документа:
SLCS013E -NOVEMBER 1986 -REVISED MARCH 2012 D Push-Pull CMOS Output Drives Capacitive D D D D
Loads Without Pullup Resistor, IO = ± 8 mA Very Low Power . 100 W Typ at 5 V Fast Response Time . tPLH = 2.7 s Typ With 5-mV Overdrive Single-Supply Operation . 3 V to 16 V TLC3702M . 4 V to 16 V On-Chip ESD Protection D, JG, OR P PACKAGE (TOP VIEW) 1OUT 1IN -1IN + GND 1 2 3 4 8 7 6 5 VDD 2OUT 2IN -2IN + FK PACKAGE (TOP VIEW) The TLC3702 consists of two independent micropower voltage comparators designed to operate from a single supply and be compatible with modern HCMOS logic systems. They are functionally similar to the LM339 but use onetwentieth of the power for similar response times. The push-pull CMOS output stage drives capacitive loads directly without a powerconsuming pullup resistor to achieve the stated response time. Eliminating the pullup resistor not only...

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