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Производитель:Power Integrations
Серия:LQA30T150C, LQA30B150C

Qspeed Family 150 V, 30 A Common-Cathode Diode


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Классификация производителя:

Qspeed Q-Series Diodes

Выписка из документа:
LQA30T150C, LQA30B150C QspeedTM Family
150 V, 30 A Common-Cathode Diode Product Summary
IF(AVG) per diode VRRM QRR (Typ at 125 °C) IRRM (Typ at 125 °C) Softness tb/ta (Typ at 125 °C) 15 150 31.5 1.82 0.55 A V nC A General Description
This device has the lowest QRR of any 150 V Silicon diode. Its recovery characteristics increase efficiency, reduce EMI and eliminate snubbers. Applications AC/DC and DC/DC output rectification Output and freewheeling diodes Motor drive circuits DC-AC inverters Pin Assignment Features Low QRR, Low IRRM, Low tRR High dIF/dt capable Soft recovery TO-220AB
LQA30T150C TO-263AB
A1 A2
LQA30B150C Benefits Increases efficiency Eliminates need for snubber circuits Reduces EMI filter component size and count Enables extremely fast switching K RoHS Compliant
Package uses Lead-free plating an...

  • Серия: LQA30T150C, LQA30B150C (2)

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