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8 битный однокристальный микроконтроллер


На английском языке: Datasheet NEC μPD78F0511

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    ЭлектроПластUPD78F0511GB(T)-UES-Aпо запросу
    TradeElectronicsRenesasUPD78F0511AGB-GAF-AXпо запросу
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Выписка из документа:
User's Manual 78K0/KC2
8-bit Single-Chip Microcontrollers PD78F0511 PD78F0512 PD78F0513 PD78F0514 PD78F0515 PD78F0513D PD78F0515D PD78F0511(A) PD78F0512(A) PD78F0513(A) PD78F0514(A) PD78F0515(A) PD78F0511(A2) PD78F0512(A2) PD78F0513(A2) PD78F0514(A2) PD78F0515(A2) The PD78F0513D and 78F0515D have on-chip debug functions. Do not use these products for mass production because its reliability cannot be guaranteed after the on-chip debug function has been used, due to issues with respect to the number of times the flash memory can be rewritten. NEC Electronics does not accept complaints concerning these products. Document No. U17336EJ5V0UD00 (5th edition) Date Published February 2007 N CP(K) 2005 Printed in Japan [MEMO] 2 User's Manual U17336EJ5V0UD NOTES FOR CMOS DEVICES
1 VOLTAGE APPLICATION WAVEFORM AT INPUT PIN Waveform distortion due to input noise or a reflected wave may cause malfunction. If the input of the CMOS device stays in the area between VIL (MAX) and VIH (MIN) due to noise, etc., the device may malfunction. Take care to prevent chattering noise from entering the device when the input level is fixed, and also in the transition period when the input level passes through the area betwe...

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