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Linear Technology LT6654BMPS6-2.5#TRMPBF

Производитель:Linear Technology

Прецизионный малошумящий источник опорного напряжения в корпусе SOT-23


Классификация производителя

Signal Conditioning > Voltage References > Series Voltage References

Варианты написания: LT6654BMPS6-2.5TRMPBF, LT6654BMPS6-2.5 TRMPBF, LT6654BMPS62.5#TRMPBF, LT6654BMPS6 2.5#TRMPBF

Выписка из документа:
n LT6654 SOT-23 Precision Wide Supply High Output Drive Low Noise Reference DescripTion
The LT®6654 is a family of small precision voltage references that offers high accuracy, low noise, low drift, low dropout and low power. The LT6654 operates from voltages up to 36V and is fully specified from ­55°C to 125°C. A buffered output ensures ±10mA of output drive with low output impedance and precise load regulation. These features, in combination, make the LT6654 ideal for portable equipment, industrial sensing and control, and automotive applications. The LT6654 was designed with advanced manufacturing techniques and curvature compensation to provide 10ppm/°C temperature drift and 0.05% initial accuracy. Low thermal hysteresis ensures high accuracy and 1.6ppmP-P noise minimizes measurement uncert...

На английском языке: Datasheet Linear Technology LT6654BMPS6-2.5#TRMPBF

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