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Программируемуя пользователем микросхема высокоточного датчика тока на основе эффекта Холла


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Классификация производителя:

Current Sensor ICs > SIP Package 0 to >1000 A Sensor ICs

Варианты написания: A1369EUA10T, A1369EUA 10 T

Выписка из документа:
A1369 Customer Programmable Linear Hall-Effect Sensor Optimized for Use in Current Sensing Applications
FEATURES AND BENEFITS Customer programmable offset, and sensitivity Sensitivity & QVO temperature coefficients programmed at Allegro for improved accuracy Output value decreases with South Magnetic Field and increases with North Magnetic field. 3-pin SIP package for easy integration with magnetic concentrator Low noise, moderate bandwidth, analog output High speed chopping scheme minimizes QVO drift over temperature Temperature-stable quiescent voltage output and sensitivity Precise recoverability after temperature cycling Output voltage clamps provide short circuit diagnostic capabilities Under voltage lock-out (UVLO) DESCRIPTION The AllegroTM A1369 is a customer programmable, high accuracy linear Hall effect-based current sensor IC. It is packaged in a thin 3-pin SIP package to allow for easy integration with a magnetic core to create a highly accurate current sensing module. The programmable nature of the A1369 enables it to account for manufacturing tolerances in the final current sensing module assembly. This temperature-stable device is available in a through-hole single in-line package (TO-92). The accuracy of the device is enhanced via programmability on the output pin for endof-line optimization without the added com...

На английском языке: Datasheet Allegro A1369EUA-10-T

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