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Сдвоенный LDO регулятор напряжения с выходным током 300 мА на канал, точностью стабилизации 1% и собственным потреблением 50 мкА


На английском языке: Datasheet Diodes AP7344D-2518RH4-7

Варианты написания: AP7344D2518RH47, AP7344D 2518RH4 7

Выписка из документа:
The AP7344 is a Dual low dropout regulator with high output voltage accuracy, low RDSON, high PSRR, low output noise and low quiescent Pin Assignments VIN1 VOUT1 current. This regulator is based on a CMOS process. Each of regulators includes a voltage reference, error amplifier, current limit circuit and an enable input to turn on/ off output. With the integrated resistor network fixed output voltage versions can be delivered. NEW PRODUCT With its low power consumption and line and load transient response, the AP7344 is well suited for low power handheld communication equipment. The AP7344 is packaged in X2-DFN1612-8 package and allows for smallest footprint and dense PCB layout. Features Low VIN and wide VIN range: 1.7V to 5.25V Guarantee Output Current: 300mA VOUT Accuracy ±1% Ripple Rejection: 75dB at 1kHz Low Output Noise: 60µVrms from 10Hz to 100kHz Quiescent Current as Low as 50µA VOUT Fixed 1.2V to 3.6V Totally Lead-Free & Fully RoHS Compliant (Notes 1 & 2) Halogen and Antimony Free, Green Device (Note 3) Applications Smart Phone/PAD RF Supply Cameras Portable Video Portable Media Player Wireless Adapter Wireless Communication Notes: 1. No purposely added lead. Fully EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) & 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2) compliant. 2. See http://www.diodes.com/quality/lead_free.html for more information about Diodes Incorporated's definitions of Halogen-and Antimony-free, "Green" and Lead-free. 3. Halogen-and Antimony-free "Green" produc...

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