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Производитель:Texas Instruments
Серия:LM158, LM158A, LM258, LM258A LM358, LM358A, LM2904, LM2904V

2-канальные операционные усилители (ОУ) LMx58, LMx58x, LM2904, LM2904V


    LM158JG на РадиоЛоцман.Цены — от 588 до 1 285 руб.
    Исполнение: CERDIP8. OP AMP, DUAL, CDIP8, 158; Amplifiers, No. of:2; Op Amp Type:High Gain; Gain, Bandwidth -3dB:0.7MHz; Slew Rate:0.3V/чs; Voltage, Supply...
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    ЭлитанTexas Instruments588 руб.
    ICdaromTexas Instrumentsот 643 руб.
    ДКО ЭлектронщикTexas Instrumentsот 717 руб.
    КимTexas Instruments1 285 руб.
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Amplifiers and Linear > Operational Amplifier (Op Amp) > General Purpose Amplifier

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Product Folder Sample & Buy Technical Documents Tools & Software Support & Community LM158, LM158A, LM258, LM258A LM358, LM358A, LM2904, LM2904V
SLOS068T ­ JUNE 1976 ­ REVISED APRIL 2015 LMx58, LMx58x, LM2904, LM2904V Dual Operational Amplifiers
1 Features
1 2 Applications Blu-ray Players and Home Theaters Chemical and Gas Sensors DVD Recorder and Players Digital Multimeter: Bench and Systems Digital Multimeter: Handhelds Field Transmitter: Temperature Sensors Motor Control: AC Induction, Brushed DC, Brushless DC, High-Voltage, Low-Voltage, Permanent Magnet, and Stepper Motor Oscilloscopes TV: LCD and Digital Temperature Sensors or Controllers Using Modbus Weigh Scales Wide Supply Ranges ­ Single Supply: 3 V to 32 V (26 V for LM2904) ­ Dual Supplies: ±1.5 V to ±16 V (±13 V for LM2904) Low Supply-Current Drain, Independent of Supply Voltage: 0.7 mA Typical Wide Unity Gain Bandwidth: 0.7 MHz Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes Ground, Allowing Direct Sensing Near Ground Low Input Bias and Offset Parameters ­ Input Offset Voltage: 3 mV Typical A Versions: 2 mV Typical ­ Input Offset Current: 2 nA Typical ­ Input Bias Current: 20 nA Typical A Versions: 15 nA Typical Differential Input Voltage Range Equal to Maximum-Rated Supply Voltage: 32 V (26 V for LM2904) Open-Loop Differential Voltage Gain: 100 dB Typical Internal Frequency Compensation On Products Compliant to MIL-PRF-38535, All Parameters are Tested Unless Otherwise Noted. On All Other Products, Production Processing Does Not Necessarily Include Testing of All Parameters. 3 Description
These devices consist of two independent, high-gain frequency-compensated operational amplifiers designed to operate from a single supply or split supply over a wide range of voltages. Device Information(1)
PART NUMBER PACKAGE VSSOP (8) SOIC (8) LMx58, LMx58x, LM2904, LM2904V SO (8) TSSOP (8) PDIP (8) LMx58, LMx58x, LM2904V CDIP (8) LCCC (20) BODY SIZE (NOM) 3.00 mm Ч 3.00 mm 4.90 mm Ч 3.90 mm 5.20 mm Ч 5.30 mm 3.00 mm Ч 4.4...

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