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Texas Instruments LMH6882SQE/NOPB

Производитель:Texas Instruments

2.4 ГГц двухканальный программируемый дифференциальные усилитель (ПДУ)


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Semiconductors > Amplifiers and Linear > PGA/VGA > Programmable Differential Amplifier

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SNOSC84D ­ AUGUST 2012 ­ REVISED FEBRUARY 2015 LMH6882 DC to 2.4-GHz, High-Linearity, Dual, Programmable Differential Amplifier
1 Features 1 3 Description
The LMH6882 is a high-speed, high-performance programmable differential amplifier. With a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz and high linearity of 42 dBm OIP3, the LMH6882 is suitable for a wide variety of signal conditioning applications. The LMH6882 programmable differential amplifier combines the best of both fully differential amplifiers and variable-gain amplifiers. The device offers superior noise and distortion performance over the entire gain range without external resistors, enabling the use of just one device and one design for multiple applications requiring different gain settings. The LMH6882 is an easy-to-use amplifier that can replace both fully differential, fixed-gain amplifiers as well as variable-gain amplifiers. The LMH6882 requires no external gain-setting components and supports gain settings from 6 dB to 26 dB with small, accurate 0.25-dB gain steps. As shown in the adjacent voltage gain chart the gain steps are very accurate over the entire gain range. With an input impedance of 100 , the LMH6882 is easy to drive from a variety of sources such as mixers or filters. The LMH6882 also supports 50-single-ended signal sources and supports DC-and AC-coupled applications. Parallel gain control allows the LMH6882 to be soldered down in a fixed-gain so that no control circuit is required. If dynamic gain control is desir...

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