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MSP430F551x, MSP430F552x Mixed Signal Microcontroller


На английском языке: Datasheet Texas Instruments MSP430F5527IPN

    16-битные микроконтроллеры 16B Ultra-Low-Pwr Microcontroller
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Semiconductors > Microcontrollers (MCU) > Low-power MCUs > Low Power + Performance > MSP430F5x/6x

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MSP430F5529, MSP430F5528, MSP430F5527, MSP430F5526 MSP430F5525, MSP430F5524, MSP430F5522, MSP430F5521 MSP430F5519, MSP430F5517, MSP430F5515, MSP430F5514, MSP430F5513
1 FEATURES Low Supply-Voltage Range: 3.6 V Down to 1.8 V Ultralow Power Consumption ­ Active Mode (AM): All System Clocks Active 290 µA/MHz at 8 MHz, 3.0 V, Flash Program Execution (Typical) 150 µA/MHz at 8 MHz, 3.0 V, RAM Program Execution (Typical) ­ Standby Mode (LPM3): Real-Time Clock With Crystal, Watchdog, and Supply Supervisor Operational, Full RAM Retention, Fast Wake-Up: 1.9 µA at 2.2 V, 2.1 µA at 3.0 V (Typical) Low-Power Oscillator (VLO), GeneralPurpose Counter, Watchdog, and Supply Supervisor Operational, Full RAM Retention, Fast Wake-Up: 1.4 µA at 3.0 V (Typical) ­ Off Mode (LPM4): Full RAM Retention, Supply Supervisor Operational, Fast Wake-Up: 1.1 µA at 3.0 V (Typical) ­ Shutdown Mode (LPM4.5): 0.18 µA at 3.0 V (Typical) Wake-Up From Standby Mode in 3.5 µs (Typical) 16-Bit RISC Architecture, Extended Memory, up to 25-MHz System Clock Flexible Power Management System ­ Fully Integrated LDO With Programmable Regulated Core Supply Voltage ­ Supply Voltage Supervision, Monitoring, and Brownout Unified Clock System ­ FLL Control Loop for Frequency Stabilization ­ Low-Power Low-Frequency Internal Clock Source (VLO) ­ Low-Frequency Trimmed Internal Reference Source (REFO) ­ 32-kHz Watch Crystals (XT1) ­ High-Frequency Crystals up to 32 MHz (XT2) 16-Bit Timer TA0, Timer_A With Five Capture/Compare Registers 16-Bit Timer TA1, Timer_A With Three Capture/Compare Registers 16-Bit Timer TA2, Timer_A With Three Capture/Compare Registers 16-Bit Timer TB0, Timer_B With Seven Capture/Compare Shadow Registers Two Universal Serial C...

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