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Datasheet XRT5683AID-F - Exar Даташит ИС, PCM, INTERFACE, 18SOIC

Exar XRT5683AID-F

Наименование модели: XRT5683AID-F

Производитель: Exar


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Краткое содержание документа:
...the analog plus company TM
PCM Line Interface Chip
June 1997-3
FEATURES D Single 5V Supply D Receiver Input Can Be Either Balanced or Unbalanced D Up To 8.448Mbps Operation In Both Tx and Rx Directions

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Краткое содержание документа:
Your Electronic Engineering Resource
XRT5683A PCM Line Interface Chip
General Description:
The XR-T5683A is a PCM line interface chip consisting of both transmit and receive circuitry. This device is offered in a plastic dual in-line (PDIP) or in a surface mount package (SOIC). The maximum bit rate of the chip is 8.448Mbps, and the signal level to the receiver can be attenuated by -10dB cable loss at one-half the bit rate. At nominal supply voltage operation, the typical current consumption is 40mA.
Key Features:

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  • WUERTH ELEKTRONIK - 749020013

На английском языке: Datasheet XRT5683AID-F - Exar IC, PCM, INTERFACE, 18SOIC

    Line Interface Unit 8.448Mbps E1/E2/T1/T2 Short 18-Pin SOIC W
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