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Datasheet RD3172MMA7455L - Freescale Даташит

Наименование модели: RD3172MMA7455L

Производитель: Freescale

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Краткое содержание документа:
ZSTAR3 Accelerometer Family Expansion
The ZSTAR3 system accommodates multiple digital and analog accelerometer boards, connected through an RF ZigBee® 2.4 GHz communication to a single USB node connected to a PC. The accelerometer boards measure acceleration in three axes using a pin compatible digital or, optionally, an analog sensor. The sensor sensitivity is defined by the selected accelerometer. The USB node is part of the ZSTAR design, equipped with dedicated software supporting multiple nodes. Freescale is now offering the next-generation ZSTAR3 with the MMA7660FC accelerometer that offers extended functionality. The new PC software showcases the built-in intelligence of the MMA7660FC for consumer applications with orientation, shake, tap detection, auto-wake and auto-sleep. The ZSTAR3 is a small portable board design that utilizes the following products: · MMA7660FCorMMA7455Ldigitaltriple-axis accelerometers · MC1321x2.4GHzlow-powertransceivers and an S08 MCU i


  • Silicon Core Number: MMA7455L
  • Основные особенности: Multi-axis Acceleration Sensor, Low-power, Low-current Operation
  • Pb-Free: Yes
  • Peak Reflow Compatible (260 C): Yes

RoHS: есть

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