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Datasheet MAX13223EEUP+ - Maxim Даташит RS-232 TRANSCEIVER ИС

Maxim MAX13223EEUP+

Наименование модели: MAX13223EEUP+

Производитель: Maxim


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Краткое содержание документа:
19-4585; Rev 1; 2/11
±70V Fault-Protected, 3.0V to 5.5V, 2Tx/2Rx RS-232 Transceiver
General Description
The MAX13223E is a +3.0V to +5.5V-powered EIA/TIA232 and V.28 communications interface with fault protection on the RS-232 line interface. This allows shorts of the transmitter outputs and receiver inputs to voltages in the ±70V range without adversely affecting the MAX13223E. The MAX13223E achieves 1µA supply current using Maxim's AutoShutdownTM feature. The MAX13223E automatically enters a low-power shutdown mode when the RS-232 cable is disconnected or the receivers are inactive. The device turns on again when a valid transition at any receiver input is sensed. A proprietary, highefficiency, dual charge-pump power supply and a low-dropout transmitter combine to deliver true RS-232 performance from a single +3.0V to +5.5V supply. The MAX13223E has two receivers and two drivers and is guaranteed to run at data rates of 250kbps for one transmitter switching while maintaining RS-232

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