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Datasheet MAX15005AAUE+ - Maxim Даташит Пульс WIDTH MODULATION (PWM)

Maxim MAX15005AAUE+

Наименование модели: MAX15005AAUE+

Производитель: Maxim


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Краткое содержание документа:
19-0723; Rev 3; 1/11
4.5V to 40V Input Automotive Flyback/Boost/SEPIC Power-Supply Controllers
General Description
The MAX15004A/B/MAX15005A/B high-performance, current-mode PWM controllers operate at an automotive input voltage range from 4.5V to 40V (load dump). The input voltage can go down as low as 2.5V after startup if VCC is supplied by an external bias voltage. The controllers integrate all the building blocks necessary for implementing fixed-frequency isolated/nonisolated power supplies. The general-purpose boost, flyback, forward, and SEPIC converters can be designed with ease around the MAX15004/MAX15005. The current-mode control architecture offers excellent line-transient response and cycle-by-cycle current limit while simplifying the frequency compensation. Programmable slope compensation simplifies the design further. A fast 60ns current-limit response time, low 300mV current-limit threshold makes the controllers suitable for high-efficiency, high-frequency DC-DC conver

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На английском языке: Datasheet MAX15005AAUE+ - Maxim PULSE WIDTH MODULATION (PWM)

    ШИМ-контроллеры на токовых переключателях 4.5V to 40V Input Automotive Flyback/Boost/SEPIC Power-Supply Controllers
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