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Datasheet MAX4080FAUA+ - Maxim Даташит Ток SENSE усилитель ИС

Maxim MAX4080FAUA+

Наименование модели: MAX4080FAUA+

Производитель: Maxim

Описание: Ток SENSE усилитель ИС

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Краткое содержание документа:
19-2562; Rev 3; 5/10
76V, High-Side, Current-Sense Amplifiers with Voltage Output
General Description
The MAX4080/MAX4081 are high-side, current-sense amplifiers with an input voltage range that extends from 4.5V to 76V making them ideal for telecom, automotive, backplane, and other systems where high-voltage current monitoring is critical. The MAX4080 is designed for unidirectional current-sense applications and the MAX4081 allows bidirectional current sensing. The MAX4081 single output pin continuously monitors the transition from charge to discharge and avoids the need for a separate polarity output. The MAX4081 requires an external reference to set the zero-current output level (VSENSE = 0V). The charging current is represented by an output voltage from VREF to VCC, while discharge current is given from VREF to GND. For maximum versatility, the 76V input voltage range applies independently to both supply voltage (VCC) and common-mode input voltage (V RS

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На английском языке: Datasheet MAX4080FAUA+ - Maxim CURRENT SENSE AMPLIFIER IC

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