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MPC562: 32-bit Microcontrollers  Favorite

Freescale product built on Power Architecture technology

The MPC562 is a high-speed 32-bit control unit that combines high-performance data manipulation capabilities with powerful peripheral subsystems. This MCU is built up from standard modules that interface through a common intermodule bus (IMB).

The MPC562 is equipped with code compression designed to reduce program size by up to 50 percent Compressed code may also improve performance when using external memories.


  • Precise exception model
  • Floating point
  • Extensive system development support
  • On-chip watchpoints and breakpoints
  • Background debug mode (BDM)
  • IEEE-ISTO 5001-1999 NEXUS class 3 debug interface
  • True 5-volt I/O
  • Two time processing units (TPU3) with 8 KB DPTRAM
  • 22-channel MIOS timer (MIOS14)
  • Two queued analog-to-digital converter modules (QADC64_A, QADC64_B) providing a total of 32 analog channels
  • Three TouCAN modules (TOUCAN_A, TOUCAN_B, TOUCAN_C)
  • One queued serial module with one queued SPI and two SCIs (QSMCM) 32 KB static RAM (CALRAM)

Product Specifications

Core: Operating Frequency Max - Max (MHz)56, 40, 66
I/O Pins56
Serial Interface - TypeCAN, QSPI, SPI, SCI
Timers - Channels54
A/D Converter - Channels32