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  1. FSDM311 - ON SemiconductorДКО Электронщик
  2. IC POWER SWITCH Power Supply Type SMPS Outputs No of 1 Power Dissipation 1.56W Frequency 50kHz Voltage Supply Max 30V Termination Type Through Hole Case Style DIP No of Pins 8 Operating Temperature Range -25°C to +85°C
    KA5L0365RN - ON Semiconductor - от 57,50 ₽ДКО Электронщик
  3. KA5M02659RN - ON SemiconductorДКО Электронщик
  4. DM0365R - ON Semiconductor - от 53,50 ₽ДКО Электронщик
  5. MC74HC4538ADG - ON Semiconductor - от 12,10 ₽ДКО Электронщик
  6. 74ACT CMOS SMD 74ACT138 SOIC16 Logic IC Function:3-to-8 Line Inverting Decoder/Demultiplexer Logic IC Family:ACT Logic IC Base Number:74138 Outputs No of:8 Current Output Max:24mA Voltage Supply Min:2V Voltage Supply Max:6V
    74ACT138SC - ON Semiconductor - от 7,70 ₽ДКО Электронщик
  7. DECODER/DEMUX SMD Logic IC Function:1-of-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer Logic IC Family:AC Logic IC Base Number:74138 Outputs No of:8 Current Output Max:24mA Voltage Supply Min:2V Voltage Supply Max:6V Case Style:SOIC Temperature O
    MC74AC138DG - ON Semiconductor - от 13,10 ₽ДКО Электронщик
  8. MC74HC165ADG - ON Semiconductor - от 6,90 ₽ДКО Электронщик
  9. NC7WZ TINY SMD SC70-6 Logic IC Function:UHS Dual Inverter with Schmitt Trigger Input Logic IC Family:WZ Logic IC Base Number:714 Current Output Max:32mA Voltage Supply Min:1.65V Voltage Supply Max:5.5V Case Style:SC-70 Temperat
    NC7WZ14P6X - ON Semiconductor - от 3,00 ₽ДКО Электронщик
  10. 4000 CMOS SMD 4052 SOIC16 15V Logic IC Function:Dual 4-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Logic IC Family:4000 CMOS Logic IC Base Number:4052 Resistance Rds On:80ohm Outputs No of:8 Voltage Supply Min:3V Voltage Supply
    MC14052BDG - ON Semiconductor - от 19,70 ₽ДКО Электронщик
  11. FSCQ0765RTYDTU - ON SemiconductorДКО Электронщик
  12. CD4052BCMX - ON Semiconductor - от 18,60 ₽ДКО Электронщик
  13. MC14504BDG - ON Semiconductor - от 20,00 ₽ДКО Электронщик
  14. FAN8038B - ON SemiconductorДКО Электронщик
  15. MC14049BDR2G - ON SemiconductorДКО Электронщик
  16. Quad 2-Input NOR Gate
    MC14001BDG - ON SemiconductorДКО Электронщик
  17. KA5M0265R - ON SemiconductorДКО Электронщик
  18. MC74HC595ADR2G - ON Semiconductor - от 4,80 ₽ДКО Электронщик
  19. 74AC08PC - ON SemiconductorДКО Электронщик
  20. IC SM LOGIC ECL CLOCK GEN Interface Type Logic Outputs No of 1 Type Prescaler Input Current 3mA Frequency 1.1GHz Input Type ECL Voltage Supply Min 2.7V Voltage Supply Max 5.5V Termination Type SMD Case Style SOIC No of Pins 8 Opera
    MC12093DG - ON Semiconductor - от 234,00 ₽ДКО Электронщик