Datasheet LMH6521SQE/NOPB - National Semiconductor Даташит ИС, усилитель с программируемой регулировкой усиления, 1.2 ГГц, LLP-32

National Semiconductor LMH6521SQE/NOPB

Наименование модели: LMH6521SQE/NOPB

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Производитель: National Semiconductor

Описание: ИС, усилитель с программируемой регулировкой усиления, 1.2 ГГц, LLP-32

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LMH6521 High Performance Dual DVGA
September 14, 2011
LMH6521 High Performance Dual DVGA
General Description
The LMH6521 contains two high performance, digitally controlled variable gain amplifiers (DVGA).

Both channels of the LMH6521 have an independent, digitally controlled attenuator followed by a high linearity, differential output amplifier. Each block has been optimized for low distortion and maximum system design flexibility. Each channel has a high speed power down mode. The internal digitally controlled attenuator provides precise 0.5dB gain steps over a 31.5dB range. Serial and parallel programming options are provided. Serial mode programming utilizes the SPITM interface. A Pulse mode is also offered where simple up or down commands can change the gain one step at a time. The output amplifier has a differential output allowing 10VPPD signal swings on a single 5V supply. The low impedance output provides maximum flexibility when driving filters or analog to digital converte


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